10 Reason to Love Guyabano

What is a Guyabano?

Guyabanos are a heart shaped fruit with a green spiky appearance. When it is opened, the guyabano has a white and creamy texture. Its taste is delicious and can be compared to a cross of a pineapple and strawberry. It has a citrus sour taste yet its aftertaste is pungent and sweet. In the Philippines, Guyabanos are used as a protection from parasites. There has been no study to prove this theory, but guyabanos are very healthy since they are rich in vitamins and minerals and have many health benefits.

10 Reason to Love Guyabano

If the taste of the guyabano is not enough to make you want to include it in your diet, then here are ten more reasons to convince you to start loving this delicious fruit.

  1. They prevent constipation – Guyabanos are rich in fiber, they promote regular bowel movements and help prevent colon cancer;
  2. Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection – Guyabanos are rich in Vitamin C which is known to boost immunity, but it also prevents UTI. Vitamin C increases the acidity level in the urine and this stops bacteria that are present in the urinary track;
  3. Prevent leg cramps – People with potassium deficiency often get cramps or muscle weakness. Guyabanos are rich in potassium. Bananas are another food that is rich in potassium;
  4. Prevent migraines – Guyabanos contain riboflavin which is known to prevent headaches when taken in higher doses;
  5. Energy booster – Guyabanos are excellent energy boosters. They contain thiamin which is known to release and produce energy;
  6. Pregnancy complications – Guyabanos are rich in folate. According to one study, pregnant women who took folate had a lower risk of complications. Women who lack the nutrients which are necessary during pregnancy are prone to miscarriage and birth defects;
  7. Healthy bones – Guyabanos are rich with vitamins and minerals that help in getting healthy bones. They contain calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium, vitamin D and manganese;
  8. Prevent bloating – Women who often (or every month) suffer from bloating should consider consuming guyabanos. They contain magnesium which prevents water retention and bloating;
  9. They increase good cholesterol levels – Guyabanos are a good source of niacin which is known to surge good cholesterol levels;
  10. Prevent anemia – people who suffer from anemia lack healthy red blood cells in their system. They need iron to generate new healthy red blood cells. Guyabanos are rich in iron.

*Guyabanos are high in sugar and eating too much of this fruit can cause Parkinson’s disease due to its annonacin content.

Sourced: healthdigezt